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CN Public Relations: media relations / communication planning / corporate PR
We support your growth

About Us

CN Public Relations exists on the market since 1998. We work for domestic and foreign companies that build and enforce bonds with their environment. Mostly, we take care of media relations, internal communication and special events organization. Of course, there is much more we can offer.

We cooperate with companies, local authorities, organizations and individuals. We address our actions to the media, local communities, employees, business partners and opinion leaders.

Our clients (among others): Kopalnia Węgla Brunatnego Konin SA (lignite mine), Aluminium Konin-Impexmetal SA (aluminiumworks), Polimeni International LLC, Ahold Polska sp. z o.o., Sanitec Koło sp. z o.o., Pfeifer & Langen Polska SA, o2.pl. sp. z o.o.